'"TAR is a tremendous flight of fantasy for those who need to plan a way to escape from this planet or to save it."


 Letter from the editor


Introducing TAR digital edition

XXI century's world is very small.

Are we big enough?


This edition of TAR is universal in its meaning, specific in its making.


It’s not for everyone. It’s not for the candid nor for the conscious. TAR magazine’s digital edition is for those confident in misunderstanding, passionate about diversity, for the fanciful ones who feel at ease especially when off-balanced. TAR is about giving the soul a spin; it’s about the gorgeous occasion of cultures clashing and mixing and meshing, running ever more and more fast. TAR is a tremendous flight of fantasy for those who need to plan a way to escape from this planet or to save it.


That’s why we are here: Not simply to talk about things, the TAR digital edition is born to grow things. The seeds are out in the world; TAR is here to protect them in her womb, to keep them warm and nurtured. Those seeds are yours as well as ours; they ever have been, and they ever will. They could grow in something new if many more of us actively shared those seeds. That’s the point: In this ever-changing global culture, we need something we want to share in peace to overcome our differences.


What this edition of TAR is for?

TAR is an

inspiration factory.


TAR is an inspiration factory. TAR will involve artists to produce projects together; over a long time span, we’ll be the embedded diary of different workshops in art, design and creativity. Our first guest is Marguerite Humeau and her design trilogy, featuring the second episode: The THINGS? We’ll follow her through the production of content, video, interactive objects and music. Follow The THINGS? Chronicles in the TAR magazine digital edition.

TAR is a

collectible stream


TAR magazine’s digital edition has been designed as a collectible on-line presence consisting of many different social media, curated by the aggregation of contents. Our mission is to preserve memories so that you will never lose seeds we planted in the past. Divided into periods by weekly publication, we will switch arguments each month and focus on a different subject and its stories, characters and places. To start, we are examining what’s defining this early mid-decade of the XXI century, as usual taking a step back, looking at things from a distance so we can notice things that mainstream doesn’t catch. And in every way possible, we will give it a spin with video, sounds and interactions.


TAR is

Avant-garde knowledge.


Art, Science and Ethics are the pillars of the future we believe in. We love the idea that science defines art as art defines ethics—by contrast. This virtuous loop is the engine of our evolution: In our hands, we can redefine ourselves completely but still remain human, even better humans as we further the extent of knowledge.

For sure, this TAR digital edition

is a post-internet agent.

Journalism is dead, long live Journalism!


The Internet has changed everything about communication. When it was given to the people, the Internet was received like a miracle come true, like the ideals of western democratic culture became solid in a moment. In a few years, the Internet was cited as the promised land of equality and opportunities of legend. Two decades have passed since the birth of the popular Internet: Today—produced by the most technological crowd that ever walked the planet—huge, titanic amounts of general and specific dataflows stream globally, from one location on the planet to another, accessible at every point, at every moment. As this scenario rolls on, the Economy is redefined, Media are redefined, Relations are redefined, Privacy is redefined. Even War and Peace are redefined. We are now questioning and redefining  the extent of Freedom and the rules of its fundamentals: Life and Death.


This is the Post-Internet Age. Things have to be made ‘the Internet way’; if not, they risk simply not existing.


Luca Lisci

TAR magazine digital edition




Not all is good, nor is all bad in this revolution. It presents opportunities and dangers. Although the hypotheses of Search Engines devouring and grounding information before users can access it—absolute censorship —and of Social Media flattening the meaning of communication—absolute ignorance — are to some extent serious risks, we still believe in the opportunities of the Internet.


The Data —all kinds of useful information, from data of little utility to data that will save your life— are out there, behind the back door of information technology, buried under huge amounts of worthless words, vague images and junk of all kinds. Surviving in the Post-Internet Age means being one with technology; it’s not just a matter of handling a keyboard or watching a screen anymore. It’s gone a bit far, and it’s more challenging than in the early digital years because of the cognitive implications of perceiving our world through the streaming of the Internet.

Internet has become our benchmark of reality. We know better how deformed are the images seen through these glasses and how we tend to effectively condition the world according to these images. In exchange for Freedom, we must be comfortable with Data representation, Data journalism and Data analysis.


But please don’t consider us technological-by-faith. TAR believes in people; that’s our credo. We play our game by keeping out bad data scientism. We love the game of storytelling the truth in a way that is quite different from passive information engineering. We know that our life is on-line as off-line, as our dreams are.

TAR is the sticky stuff we pave our roads and build our roofs with.

It affords us travel and shelters us from the storm. It is also an anagram of the word art.

The editorial staff have taken every care to obtain from copyright holders the authorization to publish the pictures in this issue. In any cases where this has not been possible, the editorial staff would like to make it known that they are available to eligible parties to settle any amounts that are owed.

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